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The AVP gone?

Posted by Eric on August 14, 2010

I just found out that the AVP is no longer in operations.  I read probally the 2 final postings on their website.  I’m in shock.

What does this mean?  I started playing sand volleyball in Minnesota, in 1998.  Volleyball has been an obsession for me and I don’t know where the sport is going to go.  I’ve recently started coaching a group of adult players who want to learn the game and I wanted to be prepared for the NCAA bringing sand volleyball so I could have coached.  So now what? I’m almost lost for words. 

I think the NCAA is going to vote again and remove beach volleyball from its list of emerging sports.  With no domestic option for collegiate players to play in, other than smaller, less publicised tours, why should they keep it.  It wouldn’t make since.

Sand volleyball as we know it may fall off the map.  Other than the few tournaments that were on TV for the AVP and the Olympics the sport get no air time in the US. 

I absolutly love this sport, especially 2’s.  You have to be technically sound at all skills: passing, setting, serving, attacking; and be able to be creative and see the court on offense and defense.  It’s a huge cat and mouse game between the teams.  Who is going to make the better shot, read or dig? It’s a facinating game unlike indoor hardcourt volleyball.

I hope a professional tour gets worked out.  I hope it has a solid foundation, excellent leadership, and helps to unite the volleyball community.  Fair well AVP


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